Walkera UP02 Firmware Upgrade Tool & UP02 Adapter Set

Walkera UP02 Upgrade / Update Tool & Adapter Set
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Walkera UP02 Upgrade Tool & UP02 Adapter Set 

Walkera UP02 Firmware Upgrade Adapter Kit

This upgrade tool is used for select DEVO radios and select Walkera receivers.


Basic Directions

  • Install the UP02 software, download the program for desired Aircraft.
  • Please refer to the Illustration and connect the UP02 with PC.
  • Illustration for upgrade a DEVO radio refer to Illustration (1).
  • Illustration for upgrade the receiver refer to Illustration.
  • please always refer to the particular model’s user manual for addtional information.
  • Upgrade.

Compatible With:
Many Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car Controller
Walkera Genius Cp
Walkera Hifa Wifi FPV
Walkera Hifa Wifi FPV
Walkera Mini CP
Walkera QR Infra X
Walkera QR Ladybird
Walkera QR Spacewalker
Walkera QR W100 5.8Ghz FPV
Walkera QR W100S 5.8Ghz FPV
Walkera QR X350
Walkera Super CP
Walkera QR X350 FPV 5.8Ghz
Walkera Hifa 5.8Ghz FPV
Walkera G400
Walkera Hoten-X
Walkera QR X400
Walkera FPV100
Walkera QR MX400
Walkera V120D02S
Walkera Master CP
Walkera V450D01 FPV 5.8Ghz
Walkera QR W100S Wifi
Walkera QR Y100 WiFi
Walkera QR W100 WiFi
Walkera Genius CP V2
Walkera V100D08

And any custom application you can think up!

Products specifications
Vehicle Model Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car Controller
Vehicle Brand Many
Vehicle Type Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car Controller